Showcase Submissions

BetsyAcaFest Showcase Submissions

The Festival Showcase

In addition to the BetsyAcaFest Chorus performance that will include all festival participants, we are very excited to feature a few of our participating groups in the auditioned Saturday evening showcase. In it’s first three years, the BetsyAcaFest showcase has featured some of the best scholastic talent in the country, with many of our featured performers starting their journey to ICCA and ICHSA Finals with our clinicians and on our stage. We look forward to reviewing your group’s application to join this tradition of excellence.

Application deadline for consideration and timeline

All groups interested in performing in the BetsyAcaFest 2017 showcase must submit a formal application via email and be fully registered by Sunday, October 15, 2017. Register here to secure Early Bird pricing before September 24, 2017. Groups will be confirmed for the BetsyAcaFest 2017 showcase by Sunday, October 22, 2017.

Who and what are we looking for?

We are looking for groups – high school, collegiate, CAL or semi-pro – that take a cappella to the next level, whether it is through ground-breaking arranging, dynamic story telling through staging or original a cappella compositions. Groups should include 1 or 2 songs in their submission that demonstrate their best talent and their unique sound.

Submissions should include:

– A YouTube link to your group’s performance.

– A list of all members participating in this year’s event with their AGE, EMAIL and VOICEPART.

  • Everything should be emailed to with the subject “BetsyAcaFest 2017 Showcase Submission – GROUP NAME”

Who will be choosing performers for the Showcase?

The Festival’s Showcase Jury Pool is comprised of members of the professional aca-community, and representatives of the regional arts community in Miami who have deep familiarity with the genre.

Got questions?

Feel free to reach out to to consult with one of our staff members.

Please note that while spots in our showcase are limited, all groups that apply to perform will have an opportunity at some point during the festival. Please direct all questions to