The Betsy – South Beach

Our demographic segment is comprised of creative guests from around the world with a desire to make a difference. Through a range of programs Betsy transforms public spaces into gathering places for travelers to engage about things that matter. Programs include live music, art exhibitions, poetry readings, book signings, guest room libraries, poems placed on pillows at turn down each night, and charitable collaboration (since 2009) with more than 250 service-driven organizations. A line from poet Hyam Plutzik serves as our tag line:  Expect no more. This is happiness!

The Betsy shares the fruits of its success through corporate responsibility programs in South Beach – and beyond, with a commitment to building and nurturing ‘community’. An initiative called PACE (philanthropy, arts, culture, and education) serves as an umbrella for cultural endeavors on property including in-room library collections, poems on pillows, visual arts exhibitions, concerts, book signings, a visiting artist program ( – and The Betsy’s A Cappella Festival.

The Betsy has been Top Rated on Trip Advisor, Highly Rated by AAA and Forbes, rated the top Boutique Hotel in the World by the BLLA – and has worked with over 250 charitable partners. Betsy’s deep and visible engagement with the nonprofit sector – including programs in service, arts, culture, and international relief – inspires every one of us at the hotel to push a little harder every day. Visit for more information.

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